I love this place due to the fact that I can find there family atmosphere, a man comes to work with a smile, with a desire to work, with a desire to help others, to improve their mood, that's why I love what I do. And when the customer comes out with a smile on his face - that is best at all.


 Formerly there was one hairdresser salon, where people fled without paying attention to the decor, when the client waited for a hairdresser's appointment, and now the hairdresser is waiting for the client. There are plenty of exclusive salons, we tend to ignore the fact that the decor does not prove the hairdresser's skills and a well-made service. It is now accepted that people prefer to go where is exclusively, they are ready to pay much more - 300-500 PLN for coloring which takes 6h. The truth is that in a less exclusive but very neat salon customer could pay much less and spends less time obtaining service at the same level of quality. So how does it work, if it is known that time is important and everyone lacks it. 

Letting invisible places disappear? 

 That's simple - people lose their time, such "home warmth" of local, small places, money and sometimes even quality. As I said, the decor does not prove good services