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" Every month is a new challenge and I never really know whether I will end up financially safe. Will, I earn something or will I lose. Every day I come across things to stand in opposition. On the one hand, I have days of real drought, when I do not sell anything, and there's barely anyone in the store. On the other hand, there are days when I serve satisfied customers who are delighted with the interior and the assortment.


" That is kind of love you got for a child who exhausts you but you know it still needs your care. I love them for being my own, trusting, and relying on me in terms of the look and prosperity. I love the feeling I get when I see satisfied girls. Satisfied not only by the shopping but also because of the visit itself. I love the intimate atmosphere of this place - gossips and serious conversations held either with me or between the girls. 


" There is the one - equally cruel and severe for those who run the business not for material purposes only, but also passion and vocation. It's shutting the business down. There is also the only way of support - the greater local patriotism. The awareness of the fact that our shopping decisions have a real impact on people's and even the closest neighbours lives. Simply, what we buy and where we decide to do it. I love to leave my money knowing whose pocket they will go to.

Letting invisible places disappear? 

" We will be left with stores and service points all homogeneous and standardized by corporate regulations. In such places, customers are suppressed by the loud, noisy music and strong smells. The only direct contact with another human occurs by occasion of pulling out the wallet. We will lose places where we are free of being an anonymous figure or a number registered at the entrance for statistical purposes. We will lose places where the customer's satisfaction stands in the first place, above the record in Excel.


Vintage shop Kolorowe Nastroje // make this place visible by visiting Ania at Długa 48, Kraków